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Honda Power Equipment Campaign Pitch – 50 Uses EU22i:
50 Uses for an Eu22i is a brand awareness & education campaign pitch we came up with. The idea is to educate the customers on what they could use the Honda EU22i to do and how it could help them in every day life and in emergency situations.

This campaign would cover instagram, facebook and online with multimedia such as GIFs, video and digital ads.

We would also run a competition online that would include the customer telling us what they would use their EU22i for. We would ask them to sign up on our site giving us their name, number and email address which would grow our data base. After 3 months of this campaign we would choose a winner for the EU22i unit.

We created a poster for all the dealers to hang in their stores. That poster has 50 different icons on it showing the customer what they could use the unit for.

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