Import 2 Order

Website Design | Social Media | Logo Design


Import 2 Order is a locally owned car importing company that imports specialised street cars for car enthusiasts through out New Zealand. With over 6 dealers through out New Zealand customers looking for their dream car needed to be able to find a company that could import their dream vehicle without any stress.

Our role in this  branding design was to create something elegant, fresh and exciting that would appeal to the car audience that Import 2 Order was trying to reach.

After a few initial concepts we came to the final design that reflected a race track and used the letters I20 in a beautiful and slick icon.

We then moved onto the website design that was also made to reflect their branding and entice their custom to call them. We decided to show the customer how easy it is to order a vehicle via Import 2 Order by showing them the simple steps of 1,2,3.

Since the new site has launched their traffic has doubled and the inquiry has increased leading to an improvement in over all sales.