Instant Okuma Winner

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Okuma New Zealand are one of New Zealand’s biggest fishing brands that sell rods, reels and everything in between.

Okuma approached Spec Media about creating a campaign that would generate a strong user data base and provide the user with an exciting competition.

We created the campaign “Okuma Instant Winner”.
Any customer that purchased an Okuma product in any Okuma Retailer in New Zealand could visit the website via QR Code on the prize tag attached to their product they had purchased. They would then upload their receipt image and enter their details. Instantly the form would generate a winner or loser via an algorithm we had created. If the customer won they would see what prize they had won and fill out their details and the prize would be delivered in 3 working days.

Spec Media provided the design, video content, landing page and development for the website in this campaign. 
To date this has been Okuma’s most successful competition.