On Top Lures

Website Design | Marketing Strategy | Social Media

On Top Lures are a local premium lure making company based out of Waipu, New Zealand. On Top Lures needed a website that displayed their premium custom hand made lures and gave customers an easy to use online shop.

The Solution:
Spec Media designed a online store that is responsive across desktop, mobile and tablet. We integrated easy-to-use shipping calculator for the the guys at OTL so they could accurate shipping prices to their customers. Another important feature that is was crucial to their business is the ability for people to order custom branded lures. Our solution for this was to create a page with an easy to use form that was simple for the customer to be able to upload their logo files and lure design. This made it simple for Michael and Rita to get the information they need to provide an accurate quote to the customer and has streamlined the custom lure order process.

We designed this site with earthy tones that reflect their beautifully hand-made lures that they sell.