Learn how to Market your company

Get up to spec with some marketing training that will lift your business to the next level and increase sales and leads.

First impressions are important, let us train you how to best reach your potential

Digital Strategy Training

Google Training

Most people these days use google as a tool to find your business. Spec Media can teach you the steps required to get your business showing up and infront of people so you will get more calls and inquiries.

- Google Analytics
- Google Search Console
- Ad Words

Facebook & Instagram

Social Media Training

Spec Media will teach you how to optimise your social media with training in photographing, hash tagging and strategy around what to post and when to post.

Engagement with your followers is more important than every in the current times. Spec Media will train you on everything you need to know to get your social media up to scratch.

Building a Website - Considerations & Strategy

Website Training & Lead Gathering

This course provides one on one website training specific to your industry and business needs.

With you, we will review the best tools and practises available that create awareness and visibility for your business on a digital platform. 

By the end of this course, you will understand how to maximise the potential of your website with effective design and layout ensuring that it is an effective tool to drive leads and generate growth.

You will have the confidence to:

  • Identify the best platform and tools
  • What your site requires to feature high in search results
  • Implement CRM systems providing the best lead/follow-up experience
  • Liaise with a web developer or create the necessary improvements yourself

Note that this course does not teach you “code writing”. The platforms discussed are user friendly and will not require any coding experience.


Learn how to market to the right Audience

Marketing Strategy

This is a one on one course, but also suitable for all your key team members to participate in.

Together, we look at your current marketing strategy find out what has been effective and where improvements can be made.

Our Marketing Strategy includes

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